The goal of the car of yours cover is protecting your automobile from soil, bird waste, tree sap, along with various other potentially harmful substances. Just like these supplies are able to do harm to the car of yours, they are able to likewise harm your automobile cover. Cleaning automobile cover occasionally won’t just maintain the cover appearing nice but additionally sustain it so that it is going to continue to guard the car of yours for a lot of years to come.

You will find essentially methods :

to cleanse an automobile cover: manually or even in a washing machine. The technique that you simply use hinges partially on what sort of automobile cover your have, therefore make sure you focus on the treatment instructions your cover came with.

When it is time to clean automobile cover, be positive you stick to the care instructions which came with the cover of yours. Never ever dry clean your automobile cover, as well as never work with fabric softener on it because this will weaken its drinking water resistance. Only clean the cover in water that is cold, never hot.

Custom-fit California automobile Covers:

protect the car of yours, shine or rain. We pride ourselves on customer care, therefore contact us now to create a purchase or perhaps with questions relating to your cover’s care.The technique for cleaning an automobile cover differs from material. Remember to adhere to our guidelines below to ensure your automobile protection is washed properly.
Note: BEFORE Utilizing a COVER, the following are several Important Suggestions:

TOWING – Car Covers aren’t created for wearing:

when towing. Severe damage is able to happen towards the automobile coverage as well as the color surface area of the automobile might additionally be harmed. In case you have an automobile cover for exterior towing, make sure you do this at your own personal risk
HIGH WIND AREAS – When working with an automobile cover in high wind parts (and also for extended storage), do the loops and rope offered to properly yank the lid tight underneath the middle of the automobile. This could be applied still when the recommended lock and cable is now being used. A automobile cover isn’t created to change a storage area and must be examined for flapping in winds that are high. If wind gets underneath the automobile cover, it is able to result in it to be effective free and also come from the car. A suggested and helpful merchandise for high wind parts will be the Gust Guard Clamp System.


In extremely unusual instances when a huge rainstorm is followed by a serious temperature fall to below freezing, it’s feasible for an automobile cover to be frozen to a level of ice produced between the automobile frame and also the cover. Don’t try to eliminate the cover if this occurs. If it’s essential to eliminate the covering, we suggest pouring water that is warm over the car and gradually taking out the cover, being careful to examine the surfaces of both automobile coverage as well as the car during the removal operation. Stop right away in case you face opposition – the ice hasn’t been melted completely and you have to pour much more warm water over the car.


– Airborne contaminants might be deposited about the house windows or maybe color while a car has been pushed and when parked uncovered. These deposits can become smeared and also make a haze whenever the automobile cover is utilized. The haze could be wiped above with a damp cloth or even washed off with water. Remember to determine our Golden Shine Car Care Products in case you want a rapid detail spray or maybe glass cleaner for quick clean up.